Wide Turn Video Prep

Soon filmmaker Corey Lee and I will be filming video for “Wide Turn”….
Looking forward to seeing what we can come up with, and where we can take it visually on a wing and a prayer.
Stay tuned!

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New EP Release- April 2013

Anita Athavale’s new EP Album, “Begin Again” will be released coinciding with the TransAlberta Music Series in Calgary on Thursday April 4th 2013….

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Trans Alberta Music Series 2013

This has been an interesting week, and the comments and feedback from our little music video have been really positive. We’re starting to shoot silver arrows at the moon and release birds out of windows with sweet messages tied kindly to their feet.
It is just another creative time.
One of the great opportunities for me to showcase and share the writing, the brow furrowing and joy of the past couple of years, is coming up in April in Calgary.

Please attend if you can. The cost of the series is incredibly accessible….even musicians and artists will be able to afford tickets! (wink)
Photo By James May
Hair and Makeup By Claire Marjanen

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The New Album


Begin Again

You can find this album on Itunes, CdBaby, Amazon and a hundred other download and streaming sites...This April 2013

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